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How can I purchase Cotton bed sheets?

Insufficient sleep will reduce your ability to think, and your immune function will be out of tune. Since it is necessary to sleep, it can not be separated from the bed, there will be cotton bed sheets, the role of bed sheets is not just to look good, it also has the role of protecting the health of the skin. As people's personal belongings, the quality of bed linen is very important. How can we purchase bed sheets?

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1. Fabric material

The bed sheet is in close contact with the human body, so its material requirements are very high. In general, the higher the content of natural fiber components, the better the fabric. Because the pure cotton bed sheets made of natural fibers are good in moisture absorption and breathability, and are mild in touch, and can protect human skin very well.

2. Fabric density

Fabric density has a great influence on quality. The fabric is not firm, how it feels and breathes, including costs, which are related to fabric density. In short, the greater the density of the bed sheets fabric, the better the fabric feels more comfortable and delicate, and sleeps more fragrant and healthier.

3. Technology

The production process of cotton sheets has to pass. Generally speaking, satin fabrics have the best experience, jacquard fabrics give people a high-end impression, and printed fabrics look fancy.

4. Sewing process

What is a good sewing process? Needle code must be uniform, the needle should be smooth, thin, fine and appropriate. As long as the above conditions are satisfied, it can be said that this sheet sewing process is good.

5. Shrinkage

Cotton sheets have a certain shrinkage rate, which is also the focus of attention when purchasing. The relevant national standards stipulate that the shrinkage of the fabric should be controlled within 4%. In general, the higher the density of the cotton bed sheets fabric, the less likely it is to shrink and deform.

I hope this article on how can I purchase cotton bed sheets helps you.




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